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Introducing the Forbike Paddock Umbrella - your all-weather companion on the paddock and by the racetracks. This high-quality umbrella is designed to provide you with reliable protection against unpredictable weather, whether it's scorching sun, gusty winds, or sudden downpours.

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14,90 €

Key Features:

  • Impressive 120cm Span: With an expansive 120-centimeter span, the Forbike Paddock Umbrella offers generous shade, keeping you and your companions shielded from the relentless sun.

  • Sturdy Design: Its 14mm thick black metal shaft and fiberglass ribs ensure exceptional durability and resilience. No matter the conditions, this umbrella is built to last.

  • Automatic Opening: The automatic opening mechanism allows for quick and effortless deployment, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters.

Versatile on the Paddock and Beyond:

The Forbike Paddock Umbrella is an essential accessory for motorsport enthusiasts, whether you're on the paddock, trackside, or engaging in outdoor activities. You'll no longer be caught off guard by the weather, staying protected from the elements while maintaining an elegant style.

Choose the Forbike Paddock Umbrella, your dependable companion for worry-free days, regardless of the weather conditions. Trust in Forbike's quality and durability to keep you dry and shaded. Order yours today!

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