Gloves Cold Weather 5 Elements Metalic Matte Yale

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GLOVES 5 Elements Metalic Matte Yale | FORBIKE

  • Forbike winter cycling gloves deliver optimal performance in cold weather.
  • With a 3-layer laminated thermo windproof design and a single-layer palm for maximum control, they provide weather resistance and optimal comfort.

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    Product Description :

    Conquer cold days with confidence using Forbike winter cycling gloves. Their 3-layer laminated design makes them thermo windproof and weather-resistant, ensuring optimal protection against the cold. The single-layer palm offers maximum feel and control, while touchscreen-friendly seams on the index and thumb add practical functionality. These gloves provide optimal comfort for unparalleled performance during your winter rides. Face the elements with confidence and style.

    Key Features:

    • 3-layer laminated thermo windproof design
    • Weather-resistant for maximum protection
    • Single-layer palm for optimal feel and control
    • Touchscreen-friendly seams on index and thumb
    • Optimal comfort for unparalleled performance

    Ideal for:

    • Cold weather cycling rides
    • Maximum protection against wind and weather
    • Precise control and maximum feel

    Included in the Package:

    • One pair of high-quality Forbike winter cycling gloves


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